Guide To Blockchain Technology


Step 1: Understanding the Working

Before you become comfortable with the technology, it is important to know how to invest and where your money is going. In essence, you can purchase the Bitcoin like any other service you opt for. You can either make an online transaction through your bank account or make an account transfer in favor of the broker/individual through whom you are getting the currency.

Then, you will have to download a digital wallet. These wallets are financial managers which act as your personal wallets, except that they can be stored in external computer drives or in your personal smartphone. The money you transfer to the respective account is them given back to you in the form of credit, which you can use to buy Bitcoins.

Step 2: Transactions

Buying the Bitcoin comes in various forms. The most famous of these is to visit famous websites such as and where you can get your accounts linked and place an order for the Bitcoins you want. The process of your transaction is successful, however, is reliant on how fast your code is possessed.

Each transaction on the blockchain (Bitcoin technology or the technology that enabled the Bitcoin to become the phenomenon it is) is protected by a 16 symbol code which has to be decrypted in order to access the digital information which holds the currency value. When the code is possessed, you can have the respective currency transferred to your account.

Alternatively, you can contact a third person seller who deals in Bitcoins. These are people who have Bitcoins in their crypto wallets, and sell them to you at relatively higher prices without you having to go through the trouble of having codes decrypted.

Step 3: Usage

You have your Bitcoins, but what do you end up doing with it? For most people, it is a way of storing money in a deferred, quick form. For others, it is a way to access places such as the dark web in the dark web or simply as a way to make quick payments and access daily items more cheaply. The possibilities are endless, therefore making this currency a prime example of the currency of the future.

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