Cloud Architect Role

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Cloud architecture is relatively new discipline, with its power house in software development. A cloud architect must understand the concepts and moving parts involved in continuous integration and continuous delivery and provide expertise on infrastructure and build-and-release to development teams.

But cloud architects do much more than design systems or IT environments. They must also take ownership of such systems or environments throughout their lifecycles. Architects get involved with initial requirements analysis and see things through all the way to retirement and replacement much further down the road.

On the business side, cloud architects seek to understand what kind of functionality is needed, what it’s supposed to do, what kinds of competitive advantages it might deliver and so on. From the technology side, cloud architects decide what kinds of systems might be needed, which vendors to do business with, how to integrate pieces and parts from different suppliers, and which APIs and standards to adopt.

Cloud architects must possess or develop a sizable collection of skills

  • Background in enterprise computing: this means having a degree in computer science, informatics or something elated, a good working knowledge of how enterprises use information technology for a wide range of purposes and applications.
  • Technical skills in enterprise computing: need understand the building blocks of IT. These include networking, data centers, programming languages, web tools and technologies, databases and big data.
  • Communication skills: having good communication, cloud architects must be able to hold meetings and manage different kinds of people.
  • Leadership: Cloud architects need effective leadership skills to convince different people and stakeholders to believe the vision and blueprint for a cloud environment within their organizations.
  • Planning and organizing: Cloud architects require strong organizing skills because they needed to manage plans for projects that may take longer years to complete.
  • Strategy sense: Architects must understand what is really important to an organization and focus more on technologies.



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